Wedding Live Band - The Mustard Seeds

The Mustard Seeds – Pop Violin Acoustic Event and Wedding Live Band in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Mustard Seeds –

is made up of a fun-loving trio, drawn together by a common love for music and the art of doing things with a difference. Led by Loyd on vocals, along with David on bass/violin and Ji-Ling on keyboard, the collective sound of the band is one infused with their unique personalities.

You’ll definitely hear it in their fresh, understated tone, often accompanied by the unexpected. That is what sets them apart – the creativity and ability to re-imagine what is familiar with a touch of surprise, while keeping the essence of it.

Playing music for pleasure, The Mustard Seeds have a breezy style that belies their technical versatility. Be it ballad, swing, pop, rock, instrumental and more, the band displays a wide repertoire of music covering songs of different languages and genres. On a few occasions, it could start one way and end the other! So kick back, relax and let The Mustard Seeds take you along on a journey, through the simple pleasures of music.

  1. All of me (original by John Legend)
  2. Belaian Jiwa